SuperGen presents at International GT Conference

Ahmet Hamdi Guzel, Senior Simulation Engineer from supergen will be joining a parade of household names in the automotive industry to present at the North American GT Conference at St. John’s, Plymouth MI, November 6-7 2017.

Ahmet will be sharing how he uses the GT-SUITE in his development work on SuperGen. He will present alongside Borg Warner, Bosch, Ford and Honda to name but a few.  As well as a learning opportunity for delegates, the conference hosts a number of networking activities to develop delegate access to their peers using the software and experts from the software manufacturer. Last but not least the conference will preview the highlights of GT-SUITE v2018.

Ahmet will be presenting:

Application of the SuperGen Electro-Mechanical Supercharger to the Miller-Cycle Gasoline Turbocharged Engines.

This study explores the detailed application of a variable centrifugal electro-mechanical supercharging system (SuperGen) installed in a range of configurations, to a four-cylinder 2.0L Miller-cycle engine in order to examine the potential for improved performance, drivability and reduced CO2 emissions. Millerization allows the increase of the geometric compression ratio which reduces of CO2 emissions of Otto engine. It is also well known that it has some negative impacts on high torque and power operating conditions as well as transient performance. Since Millerization has an influence on the air charging system, a more efficient charging system with high flexibility is potentially advantageous. Late Intake Valve Closing (LIVC) achieved by using extremely longer cam durations and it investigated with the SuperGen supercharger. The study was carried out by using simulation of different operating points with different valve parameter configurations which has a strong effect on LIVC performance characteristics.  In combination with a GT-SUITE knock model, the improvement in full-load performance and response in the operating regimes where the turbocharger alone cannot meet the full load target for the engine is presented.

About Ahmet Guzel.

Ahmet graduated from Istanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering in 2011. He joined Ford Motor Company Europe R&D centre the same year and worked in the engine calculation department for 5 years. Ahmet joined Integral Powertrain Technology Ltd (IPTT) in 2016 as a Senior Simulation Engineer. He is currently working on IPTT’s SuperGen simulation activities.

Integral Powertrain Technology Ltd (IPTT) is a joint venture company formed by Integral Powertrain Ltd and Magna International in September 2014, which combines Integral Powertrain’s unique technologies, engineering and development expertise with Magna’s experience in industrialization, global program management and world-class manufacturing footprint.