Presenting SuperGen at SAE 2016 World Congress & Exhibition

Supergen, Hybrid Technology, 12V, Integration, Sustainability, Multi-function, Electrification, Engine, Thermodynamics, Emissions

Integral Powertrain Technology Ltd (IPTT), a joint venture company formed by Magna International and Integral Powertrain Ltd., will present a paper on the electro-mechanical hybrid enabling SuperGen technology at the SAE 2016 World Congress in Detroit, 12-14th April 2016.

The SAE 2016 World Congress attracts key individuals from the global automotive industry together with research and academic institutions committed to developing future technologies.

This year’s theme, Powering Possibilities, explores a world of untapped discoveries and their potential within the automotive industry.

Presentation Title

An innovative Low Cost Electro-Mechanical Mild Hybrid and Boosting System for Engine Efficiency Enhancements


SuperGen is an electro-mechanical boosting system, which combines the advantages of a compact, efficient and fast response supercharger with a high-efficiency belt integrated starter generator. The system consists of a pulley-driven centrifugal supercharger with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) placed between two electric motors. This paper discusses the analysis of the SuperGen application in a gasoline SUV in order to examine the B-ISG power and mild hybrid voltage functionality trade-off versus fuel consumption reduction on drive cycle. A significant engine down-speeding was also applied based on the low-speed torque enhancement afforded by SuperGen’s boosting capability, both transiently and sustainably, at steady state engine operation. This has been demonstrated and reported on the well-published Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Ultraboost project. Finally, the part load “boost-on-demand” was used to evaluate advanced combustion modes not easily achievable with conventional turbocharger technology – namely, aggressive Miller cycle with early inlet valve closing, EGR diluted stoichiometric homogenous operation, and un-throttled lean stratified combustion.