SuperGen showcased at 2nd Conference on Engine Processes Berlin

Dr. Colin Copeland, Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering within the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre at the University of Bath attended the conference and delivered a technical paper which highlighted the unique capabilities of SuperGen, the multi-function electromechanical turbocharging unit with mild hybrid capabilities from Integral Powertrain Ltd. Dr. Copeland has a specialist background in turbocharging and boosting for downsized engines.

Background to the event

The efficiency of the combustion engine, as a source of propulsion, is set to dominate the medium term. Its success will largely depend on the quality of processes taking place inside the engine, particularly in terms of turbocharging, mixture formation and combustion.

Although the combustion engine still leaves plenty of potential for improvement, the technical input and detailed knowledge required to harness it are growing all the time. The second Conference on Engine Processes focuses on ways of modelling and intermeshing available potential and is an excellent venue to further explore the potential of SuperGen.

Unfortunately the only way to acquire the paper was by attending the actual conference, however you will find lots of useful SuperGen information on our website together with previously presented papers that you can download.

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