Integral e-Drive and SuperGen proudly present ground-breaking new electrified powertrain systems at JSAE 2019

Integral e-Drive, the world leading supplier of ultra-performance electric drive systems is joining it’s joint venture sister company SuperGen in presenting brand new powertrain products at the conference.

On display will be technologies for high performance automotive programs with direct family lineage to the record breaking Integral e-Drive system used by the I.D. R vehicle at the Pikes Peak hill climb event in Colorado last year to take the record for the fastest ever run by any vehicle in the event’s history. We believe these are the highest power to weight and most compact and efficient e-drives ever deployed in a motorsport traction application.

SuperGen will be presenting its latest 48V mild hybrid and xHEV technologies including the all new 278x P2 eModule. This ultra-compact machine is a 48V electric motor generator with integrated inverter designed to be installed between the engine and transmission, in an axial package of under 80mm. With 30kW / 200Nm performance and 750Nm wet-clutch, the system delivers a full e-drive mode without the engine operating. With all gears from the transmission available this performance is more than sufficient to drive the vehicle exclusively in the e-mode in urban environments, and can revert to the engine instantly for full performance. The performance is strong enough that even low cost PHEV applications at 48V can be delivered. This product is targeted at all volume automotive applications looking to implement a compelling e-drive capability with minimum powertrain complexity.

Also on the stand will be SuperGen’s new 147x family of high speed motor-generators with integrated inverter. These machines are the most compact, powerful and efficient 48V Belt-starter generator and hybrid drive modules available today. A complete 25kW / 65Nm module including its inverter can be packaging inside a cylinder of only 155mm diameter and 155mm length, with a mass of less than 10kg. We expect these machines to be of great application in BSG and off-axis P2 DCT applications. Launch applications in initially low volumes is planned for early 2021.